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Harumi's Reiki sessions are deeply relaxing and healing. Since the treatment, my insomnia and the tinnitus on my left ear is much improved. I am feeling more balanced and energised in general and my mood is definitely improved. Harumi is a wonderful Reiki practitioner, she really listens and try to understand your needs.

Nicky, artist, Hastings

The Reiki treatment with Harumi exceeded my expectations. It was a profound experience. Gentle and reaffirming. I learned about where I carry my emotions and stress and where I am unbalanced. I have benefited from her healing in unexpected ways and know that I need to continue working on clearing these blockages. I would definitely recommend Harumi.

Priyanka Java, Psychologist, London

I have received 4 in person Reiki sessions from Harumi. I've had Reiki treatments while I was in a rehab but her treatment was the best by far. It was deeply relaxing and healing. I feel calmer and my anxiety level is significantly reduced after receiving Reiki from Harumi. Harumi is a very skilled and experienced Reiki practitioner and has a wealth of experience in treating people with addiction issues. I highly recommend Harumi.

Sarah Davidson, house wife, Eastbourne

Recovering from an operation to remove my gall bladder and also suffering from osteoarthritis, I turned to reiki to help me manage my pain. A Zoom consultation with reiki practitioner Harumi Welford brought about total relaxation which helped me to clear my mind. Under Harumi's patient guidance and her explanation of reiki technique I am achieving long term pain control so that my condition is now a lot more bearable.

John M, author, London



I absolutely 100% recommend the services of Harumi Welford.  Prior to our engagement I had no idea about Feng Shui and the benefits it could bring.  Harumi consulted on my office space and produced the most incredible report of recommendations I could make in order to bring balance to my space! I have learnt so much and cannot wait to implement her advice, thank you Harumi!

Vanessa Vallely, OBE, CEO, We are the city, London

My business has really improved since we implemented Feng Shui advice from Harumi. She is very empathetic and really listens to your concerns. All her advice was very clear and easy to follow.

Amy, Shop owner, Hastings

Harumi provided us with very comprehensive Feng Shui report and we have implemented all of her recommendations and the result was astounding. We've sold nearly 30 art pieces in one exhibition and many new opportunities have come in our way since the consultation. Thank you!

Zuzushi Art Laboratory, Hastings

As it was our first Feng Shui experience, Harumi made us feel particularly comfortable with the practice, explaining the history of Feng Shui and taking time to understand our situation to advise us in the best way with realistic suggestions. After the consultation, Harumi promptly provided us with a report covering the principles we had discussed and was always happy to quickly answer any queries we had, she even sent us some items to place in the home. Since implementing Harumi’s practical suggestions for improvement, we have experienced a real change in attitude towards our home and our situation.

Maddie, Essex



I offer beauty treatment from my home and wanted to clear energies regularly as I have many people coming in and out of the house. After the space clearing, I feel much better and I feel more comfortable in my home. Harumi is a very skilled space clearing practitioner and I highly recommend Harumi.

Yana S

Since the space clearing, I have definitely felt much calmer and more focused. It feels like there is more light and positive energy flowing.
I wake up more easily and don't feel tired in the morning like I used to.

Marti, London

I had my space cleared after moving into my first home as the home was rented for a long time and felt there were some stagnant energies. The place feels lighter and I feel very positive about the house since the space celarning,

Maya W, London

I was feeling quite stuck in my life and felt that my energies of the house needed to be cleared and refreshed. Harumi's space clearing ceremony was beautiful and the energies of my home has really being transformed. Many new opportunities have started to appear since the space clearing ceremony.

Caroline S, Hastings

I had my home space cleared while I was selling my house. I had trouble attracting a good buyer however since the space clearing, I had a cash buyer appearing out of the blue. Thank you so much for your help!

Richard, London

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