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My Story

Growing up in Japan, my parents used to practice a form of energy healing on all their four children. During my childhood, I barely went to the doctor and my parents simply laid their hands on my tummy and forehead when I experienced pain or a fever. I thought everyone did energy healing as it was a part of my everyday life. Similarly, Feng Shui was a normal part of my everyday life as my family ran a business and my parents applied Feng Shui to improve its outcomes.

I am committed to improving people's lives through my Reiki and Feng Shui services and I am passionate about reaching as many people as possible so that I can support people's wellbeing and happiness.

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Reiki - Feng Shui - Space Clearing


  • With Rosemary Pharo, Morley College, London 

  • Jikiden Reiki with Rika Tanaka, London

 ​Mikao Usui > Chujiro Hayashi > Chiyoko Yamaguchi > Tadao Yamaguchi > Rika Tanaka > Harumi Welford 


Feng Shui ​

  • Feng Shui Foundation with Vicky Sweetlove, London

  • Feng Shui Diploma with Simon Brown, London 

  • Flying Stars Feng Shui with Stephen Skinner, London

Space Clearing

  • Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy Practitioner's Certificate, with Vicky Sweetlove, London

My work is fully insured and I am a member of Jikiden Reiki UK and Feng Shui Society UK.

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East Sussex Recovery Alliance (ESRA) 

I have been working with people who are recovering from substance addiction issues at ESRA centres, both in Hastings and Eastbourne since 2021. I am passionate about supporting people with history of substance misuse and feel fortunate to work with such an amazing organisation.

PURA VIDA - Holistic Beauty Salon, Hastings 

I offer Reiki sessions at Pura Vida, a fantastic holistic beauty salon in Hastings. You can making bookings by a website, by email or via phone call. 

ENKAKU (Distance) Reiki 

Enkaku Reiki is as powerful and effective as in person Reiki session. I have provided many Enkaku Reiki sessions to numerous people worldwide. 


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