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Improve your life and buisness

Feng Shui translates as “wind and water” and it is an ancient Chinese scientific practice or art to utilise the laws of heaven (astrology, including time) and earth (geography) to have an effect of flow of universal energy (Chi). The aim of Feng Shui is to harness energy forces and establish harmony between an individual and their environment. Feng Shui discusses architecture and our living environment in terms of invisible forces that bind universe, earth, and humanity together, known as Chi (Ki).

There are several key concepts and different schools of conducting Feng Shui analysis. I offer a blend of modern and classical Feng Shui and a comprehensive report will be produced after the consultation.

These include San Yuan 24 mountains, eight mansions, Flying Stars analysis, Land Scape Form Schools analysis, Nine Ki Feng Shui Astrology and measuring Electronic Magnetic Fields. 

Feng Shui can help to transform your life and business. I have worked with both residential and commercial properties and helped in selling homes, improving their relationships, health, careers, achieving life goals and businesses.

Feng Shui & Space Clearing : Welcome


Harmonise the energy of space

Space clearing is a powerful tool to harmonise and balance the energy of space, both your home and working environment. It is particularly useful when selling/purchasing a house so that the energy of the place is neutral and fresh. It disperses and changes the accumulated stifle/stuck energy of the place. Space clearing has been used in many cultures throughout the history and various tools can be used to assist the space clearing rituals such as salt and bells. Clutter clearing is also a part of space clearing and typically carries out before the space clearing. 

Space cleaning is useful when 

  • selling and buying a house 

  • after moving into a new property 

  • after the traumatic event such as divorce 

  • the end of relationships 

  • wishing to bring new opportunities in life 

  • before or after a party 

  • when you feel stuck/life is not moving 

Feng Shui & Space Clearing : Welcome
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