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Most traditional, pure and effective form of Reiki available to public

Jikiden Reiki is widely known for its simplicity and effectiveness and it is the most powerful form of Reiki available to public today. Jikiden Reiki is unique as it has not been influenced by Western Reiki practice. It has a long history of treating people with chronic illness successfully. Jikiden Reiki is simple but very effective to improve body and mind. Jikiden Reiki is a school of "Shinshin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho", which means the "Usui treatment method for improving body and mind". This is the original name for Usui's Reiki Method. Jikiden Reiki has a different approach to other Usui Reiki methods outside of Japan. This reflects the difference in Japanese and Western thought and how much Reiki changed after leaving Japan. There is no reliance on formal hand positions. We recognise the hand positions given to us by the founder Mikao Usui and Dr Hayashi used in Western Reiki. But the idea is not to rely on them. Jikiden Reiki Practitioners cultivate their ability to search for “Byosen”. Byosen is a word unique to Reiki and refers to build ups of toxins in the body. The idea is to locate areas of byosen and treat those according to severity. But at the same time there is recommendation for a structured approach to treatment. Frequently, Jikiden Reiki treatments will vary each time according to the situation. The concept of Byosen is a unique feature of Usui Reiki and a key part of his teaching as important as the five principles (gokai).

Gokai principles 

Just for today

1. do not be angry

2. do not worry 

3. be grateful

4. do your duties 

5. be kind to the others 

Jikiden Reiki can help you in many areas: 

• reduce stress and anxiety 

• improve relaxation

• better pain management 

• boosts mood and feeling of


• improve sleep 

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